Background checks in the workplace


Backgrounds checks are slowly becoming more crucial in the workplaces and businesses across the world. Businesses and companies should continue to look for more ways to minimize risks by conducting background checks.

When a company’s Human Resources department is in the process of recruiting new employees it is crucial to do background checks on the potential future employees. Background checks are essential in the workforce in order to determine the credibility of the documents or previous experience of the applicants.

In most situations, people aspiring to work at a company will go to desperate measures to get the job, including providing bogus school or university certificates, previous work experience, training certificates and identity number. It is very necessary to hire a background intelligence firm or agency such as Zero Foundation to conduct these background checks for a company since the Human Resources department may be too preoccupied with applications or may not necessarily have the right databases or resources to conduct these background checks.

Pakistani company Port Qasim Authority (PQA) had to dismiss “99 employees, including senior officials, over submitting fake educational and experience certificates as well as irregularities in their hiring process”. The PQA management has terminated the services of seven officers, the director general of administrations, director of environment & safety, director of human resources, director of private sector project, deputy manager of marketing, PQA secretary and 28 security guards working for the authority.
In other news, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) put more than 30,000 educational degrees of over 16, 000 employees under scrutiny in pursuance of a Supreme Court order. In April 2014, so far 6,000 employees’ educational degrees had been verified in which 350 were found guilty.

Background checks in the workplace are best conducted before the employee is hired. At Zero Foundation Africa we provide background checks on any individual anywhere in Africa. We can conduct anything from criminal record search to education, family history, litigation history and so much more. Fill out our form and REQUEST INFORMATION ON OUR BACKGROUND INTELLIGENCE SERVICES TODAY and know who you are inviting into your company right away.

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