Bug sweeping to protect sensitive information


Information technology is merely the application of computers and telecommunications equipment but it does not serve to protect all the important information in your work premises.

Information can be translated in many different ways besides email distributed information. There are other very important avenues that are used to distribute sensitive information that do not involve information technology equipment. Bug sweeping will not only help a company to determine whether or not they are under surveillance.

Bug sweeping will also help to protect sensitive information that the company does not want disclosed. There are different ways that company premises can be vulnerable to information loss, such as listening devices in the office, electronic bugs during conferences or boardroom meetings and covert cameras in the office.

Most companies make the common mistake of spending thousands of money on IT specialists, simply because of the misconception that the most important information is distributed via email. They fail to consider the telephone calls and conversations amongst executives in the office.

According to a report from network security solutions provider ForeScout Technologies conducted by IDG Connect, more than 96% of organisations have experienced a substantial occurrence in their IT security department. Most of the IT organisations have admitted that some of their security measures are immature and ineffective.

Bug sweeping can eliminate all worries and any potential covert bug devices placed in the work place, while helping the company to be aware of any surveillance placed on them. At Zero Foundation we specialize in bug sweeping and a vast of other TSCM services such as RF Jamming, Counter-surveillance and Technical surveillance countermeasures.

If you suspect that you or your company may be under surveillance, fill in our form today to request information on our Technical services. We can conduct bug sweeping services whenever needed for you, your company or perhaps your car.

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