Bugging offices in the workplace


Bugging offices or homes has brought about different debates across the world on whether is it is illegal to bug an office or someone else’s home.

In some instances, some people and companies believe that it is wrong for an employer to bug an office without the knowledge or concern of the employees. Recording a phone conversation can be considered as a crime but placing a bug in an office may be considered legal.

According to theregister.co.uk, “Bugging offices in the UK is not a criminal offence, according to surveillance and legal experts speaking to OUT-LAW radio”. During an investigation into corporate surveillance techniques, OUT-LAW’s weekly technology law pod-cast discovered that placing a bug in the workplace to discreetly record conversations in the office is completely permissible in the UK.

However, in cases such as the Garda Ombudsman Commission’s headquarters, where it was alleged that an unauthorised bug device was placed in the offices, the rules may be different. The alleged bug device was believed to be so sophisticated that it could not be found in the market place.This information sparked speculations that some of the members of the Garda force may have been involved in bugging offices of the ombudsman. Investigations lead by retired High Court judge John Cooke state that the evidence provided was not enough to prove that there was ever a bug device in the Ombudsman headquarters offices.

Bugging offices is a practice performed in most corporate and non-corporate businesses. Crucial important information can be exposed without your knowledge, therefore it is important to make sure that you or your business is not under surveillance.

At Zero Foundation Africa we provide technical services that can help you rest assured that you and your business are in no way under any threat of surveillance. We can physically sweep your office premises with state of the art equipment to ensure whether there are any bugs installed in your offices. Fill in our form and REQUEST INFORMATION ON OUR TECHNICAL SERVICES TODAY!

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