Asset Identification

Zero Foundation Africa’s Asset Tracing service has been instrumental in
helping lawyers recover hidden assets in complicated litigation matters.

ZFA’s ability to locate hidden assets through comprehensive investigations and searches in multiple jurisdictions has helped law firms locate and recover over $3 billion for their clients in the past 2 decades.

Case Study

A French law firm engaged our services to locate undeclared assets in South Africa and Nigeria. The law firm was representing a Client who had been awarded a substantial settlement in a legal case against a former business partner. This former business partner had hidden her assets to avoid paying the settlement.

Initially, we conducted local investigations and database searches in multiple jurisdictions including South Africa and Nigeria. By interviewing primary sources, gathering open-source intelligence and following various leads, we were able to locate hidden assets valued at more than $10 million. These assets included five vehicles, six properties, offshore bank accounts, two offshore trusts and other financial instruments. An extensive modern African art collection was also identified and subsequently attached.

When you need an asset Identification service to locate hidden assets both on the African continent and globally, we will provide evidence to pursue your legal recovery process with confidence.