Forensic Reconstruction

Forensic Reconstruction Services for lawyers handling a fraud matter for a Client.

Forensic reconstruction services are crucial in complex legal cases, particularly those involving corporate fraud or insurance disputes. Zero Foundation Africa’s thorough and reliable investigative techniques provided a law firm representing a multinational corporation with the evidence they needed to secure a favourable outcome in court.

Case Study

A Swiss law firm was representing a Client who was a multinational corporation involved in the trade finance sector. The company had been defrauded by one of its senior executives in Ghana.

The Client had suffered significant financial losses due to the fraudulent activities of one of its senior executives running the West African region. It was suspected that the executive had colluded with some of the company’s local suppliers to inflate prices and receive kickbacks.

The law firm representing the Client needed concrete evidence to support their claims in court. Specifically, the law firm needed a reliable and thorough forensic reconstruction to uncover the extent of the fraud and provide evidence that could stand up in court.

The Swiss law firm hired Zero Foundation Africa to conduct a forensic reconstruction of the transactions between the suspected executive and the suppliers. Our team of forensic investigators utilised a range of advanced investigative techniques, including digital forensics and data analytics, to provide a forensic reconstruction of the suspicious transactions.

Our team analysed the local company’s financial records, supplier invoices and bank statements to identify any suspicious activities. They interviewed key employees and suppliers to gather more information and build a complete picture of what had occurred, when and by whom.

The forensic reconstruction uncovered evidence of collusion between the executive and several suppliers. Evidence was found that confirmed the executive had been receiving kickbacks from the suppliers in exchange for inflating prices and awarding contracts. More importantly, the location of these illicit funds was identified for attachment and recovery purposes.

Use our forensic reconstruction services to gather the evidence you need.