Surveillance Services

Zero Foundation Africa provides professional surveillance services for lawyers needing
to investigate the actions of individuals or their companies in order to gather evidence to build a case.

When you need surveillance services in support of legal investigations, use our operatives equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We will gather audio and video surveillance to support lawyers in resolving sensitive legal matters using surveillance. Because we understand that some surveillance activities may be subject to legal restrictions, we always discuss compliance with applicable laws and regulations with lawyers before conducting surveillance or gathering evidence.

To support legal investigations, consider using one or a combination of the following types of surveillance:

  • Audio Surveillance

    This includes using covert microphones to capture conversations and the interception of communications within a controlled environment.

  • Video Surveillance

    By installing covert cameras, we capture footage of individuals or suspicious activities at identified locations. We can access existing surveillance footage from public or private sources to gather evidence of an incident or disprove a claim.

  • Digital Surveillance

    By monitoring computer or internet usage, we gather evidence of illegal activity. We conduct forensic examinations of embedded systems, hard drives and mobile phones.

  • Asset Tracking

    Using either GPS or GLONASS tracking devices, we are able to monitor the movement of containers, vehicles or individuals in order to track their whereabouts. Such information is useful for understanding the current location of an asset and providing a fixed point of a person for tracing purposes.

As a lawyer, you may require our surveillance services to gather the evidence you need. These surveillance services have been successfully used by lawyers to contest insurance claims, monitor arrested vessels in port, identify suspects in a fraud and prevent the blackmail of high networth individuals (HNWI).