Litigation Support

Zero Foundation Africa (ZFA) was recently engaged by a UK law firm representing
a multinational corporation in a complex commercial dispute with an Algerian company.

Case Study

A dispute occurred about allegations of breach of contract with regards to the supply of oil and other allegations about misrepresentation and fraud. The stakes were high with potential damages running into millions of Dollars.

The UK law firm representing the prejudiced party realised that they needed a sophisticated and experienced partner to help navigate the complex legal and factual issues involved in the case. With our strong track record in providing litigation support to lawyers, and especially with our experience in Algeria, the law firm asked us our assistance.

We developed and implemented a three-phased approach:

  • An Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) investigation was conducted into the local Algerian company, its legal status, the owners and business practices. Our investigators used a combination of primary and secondary source interviews, open source research and proprietary database searches. We built a detailed profile of the company and its key personnel.

  • Further investigations uncovered a range of red flags regarding the Algerian company and its operations. We found evidence of past legal and regulatory violations, dubious financial practices and links to both the Deep State and organised crime.

  • As the case proceeded, we provided ongoing litigation support by interviewing witnesses, sourcing documentation and providing strategic advice on local legal and tactical matters.

Owing to this successful approach, the UK law firm built a strong case and negotiated a favourable settlement for their Client.

When representing Clients in complex and high-stakes disputes in Africa, you might need specialist Litigation Support. Build a strategic alliance with ourselves and continue to achieve better outcomes for your Clients in Africa.