Mergers and Acquisitions

When you need to enhance your communications security during
sensitive business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A),
use our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweep services.

We have helped many South African law firms identify and mitigate potential information security breaches whilst giving them the confidence to conduct their sensitive negotiations with ease.

Case Study

Recently, a South African law firm had concerns that their Client’s communications could be compromised, putting the entire M&A deal at risk. Our team of highly trained professionals conducted a Cyber TSCM sweep of the offices, vehicles and residential homes of the Client’s key personnel in Sandton, Constantia and Umhlanga. Our TSCM sweep team detected several clandestine listening devices in two meeting rooms, a vehicle and three of the homes. Surveillance malware was also found on their mobile telephones.

The Client wanted the monitoring devices removed immediately but was persuaded to leave them in place as a conduit for disinformation. Our technical review of these devices identified both the supplier and the investigations company used to install the bugging devices.

As a result of this successful TSCM sweep, the Client was able to take effective countermeasures and maintain the security of the M&A negotiations.

If you are involved in the M&A sphere, you might consider asking ZFA to help you with a communications security audit and Cyber TSCM sweeps. Such resources are a vital component in your strategy to ensure the confidentiality of M&A activity and to prevent claims of unfair competitive malpractice.