Corporate Travel Security in Africa

Given the number of employees travelling around the world on company business, do you know where your expatriate or local employees are when a terrorist attack or natural disaster happens in the area in which you operate?

Whilst it is important to know about the regions, countries and locations to which your employees are travelling to or within, it is also important to have travel procedures and protocols in place in case of an emergency or in the event of a crisis.

Zero Foundation Africa operates in all 55 African countries and provides employees with the information, resources and capabilities to ensure their safety and security when travelling throughout Africa.

Based on our extensive experience on the continent and a strong network of resources in all 55 African countries, we can protect your people and assets in hostile environments throughout Africa.

We provide a range of services which include:

  • travel tracking and intelligence;
  • risk assessments;
  • crisis management and evacuation procedures;
  • and specialist hostile environment awareness training (H.E.A.T.).

Let us protect your people and assets by providing a logical framework on which to base your corporate travel security programme and thereby reduce the risk and mitigate threats from home invasions, kidnapping, product extortion, hostile surveillance and unscrupulous competitors.

Contact us for a brief presentation about the risks that your executives face in Africa and let us help you develop a corporate travel safety and security programme.

Travel Risk Management
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