Counter Surveillance Services in Africa

Over the past ten years, online purchases of spy and bugging equipment have given the power of covert surveillance to your employees, contractors and competitors.

Previously, such skills were only available to government intelligence agencies, but now all companies operating in Africa are a target for unauthorised and illegal monitoring of their business communications.

At Zero Foundation Africa, we provide Counter Surveillance Services in Africa to mitigate the risk of technical surveillance and enhance your communications security when operating in Africa.

  • Whether you are holding a business meeting in a boardroom or hotel room, you need to ensure that no third parties are listening in on your business conversations.
  • Or if you have a shareholder meeting or discussions with government departments, you need to have the confidence that your communications are not being intercepted and transmitted using WiFi, the cellular network or other RF transmitting media.

Contact us for a confidential meeting to determine whether you are under hostile electronic surveillance and how you can protect your information resources from unlawful bugging or monitoring by those who want to know more about your current and future business intentions.

Technical Surveillance Services
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