Duty of care for corporate travellers

In the corporate business world, corporate travellers’ numbers are growing at a rapid pace. With business partnerships growing in the world from one continent to another, corporate travellers are irrevocably increasing in numbers.

It is the full responsibility of any employer of a company to fulfil its duty of care obligations to its travelling employees. As a lot of businesses and organisations sending their stuff across borders, they need to understand the risks and importance of duty of care responsibility.

Employees who travel regularly need to have a well perfected corporate travel security program. Duty of care is not simply an organisation ensuring that their employees arrive safely at their destination, it is also to ensure that they have managed safety risks throughout the entire trip of the employees.

In the event of a crisis during a trip to a foreign country, the employee needs a crisis plan to turn to for protection. According to the Billings Gazette, “Businesses have to be ready for all the possible risks when an employee is travelling internationally and starting a duty of care plan could prevent incidents from turning to serious company problems”.

Frequent Business Traveller did a survey on more than 1,300 corporate travellers on their travel expectation for the year 2014. 33% of the participants in the survey said that they counted on travelling more in 2014, while 50% indicated at travelling plans during the year 2014.

Although companies have to put more effort in ensuring the safety of their travelling employees, they should also equip them with self- resilience tools and skills. Survival courses such as our H.E.A.T courses can help travelling employees to be self-reliant and skilled in hostile environment whilst on business overseas.

At Zero Foundation we provide comprehensive and thorough Duty of care consultancy. Consider using our resources in all 55 African countries to manage your crisis situations by contacting us today. Fill in our form below and find out how you can fulfil your Duty of care to your valued employees.

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