dutyofcare5As we move into the 21st Century, Clients are increasingly aware of their vulnerability to sophisticated white collar crime, commercial disputes and other business risks.

They are also aware of the need to conduct business in newly emerging markets, which often provide a range of risks that are not normally experienced in the home country. As domestic markets become less competitive and consumers more demanding, companies have recognised the opportunity to develop new markets in foreign countries.

Believing that the potential rewards outweigh the risks, key corporate personnel are sent to these countries to secure new and potentially very profitable business. Unfortunately, experience in Africa has shown that without proper planning and access to local intelligence resources, many companies have failed in their commercial enterprises.

Recent research has identified several emerging markets in Africa with growth rates over 6% per annum.

The Nigerian economy will overtake South Africas by 2015 and the economies of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Burundi have expanded with a focus on financial services and other investment opportunities. Whilst the Sahel region is currently experiencing social and economic turmoil, other opportunities for investment in Africa are being provided by the more stable economies of Central and Southern Africa including Mauritania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Whilst such countries present unique business opportunities, the business risks are also heightened in such countries which have the potential to become hostile environments very quickly. Political instability, competitive malpractice, tribalism, militias, sectarian violence and corruption all adversely impact one’s ability to conduct good business.

The ability of a company to extend its duty of care responsibilities to its staff working in such environments poses many challenges.

Whilst documented policies and contingency plans must exist to provide for the safe and rapid evacuation of key corporate personnel, expatriate staff often experience intimidation, kidnapping and armed robbery in both their domestic and working environments. To counter these risks requires a sensitive, yet robust, expertise in the areas of Security Management Consulting, Intelligence Gathering and Communications Security. By using well informed and locally based resources, you are able to exercise your duty of care responsibilities with confidence.

Consider using our knowledge, experience and resources to help you manage crisis situations in any African country and thereby enable you to exercise your duty of care responsibilities in a flawless manner.

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