Fraud in  Africa is constantly increasing amongst government officials. Former Northern Cape transport, safety and liaison MEC Patrick Mabilo is accused of fraud to do with credit card. The police opened an investigation regarding allegations concerning fraud in 2012.

When doing business in Africa, it is highly advised to check who you are investing your money in. It is slowly becoming the norm to have corrupt government officials who possess sums of money they cannot provide documentation of where they acquired these sums. Fraud in Africa is steadily increasing and it is crucial to be up to date if you are planning on approach potential business partners.

Investigations are still ongoing for the newly appointed ANC MP Patrick Mabilo. He is being investigated regarding the bill he had racked up to close to R200 000 in 2012/13 and had since been unable to provide the necessary documents to prove his expenditure.

In May 2014 Mabilo was sworn in as an MP at the first sitting of the fifth democratic Parliament. Mabilo joins a list of numbers of government members who are still under investigation on fraud charges.

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