How Lawyers Can Use Professional Investigators To Locate Assets

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lawyers finding assets using PIs

Locating assets is the most crucial element of any liquidation enquiry or perfecting a judgement for debt.

Whilst the battle might be won in Court, clients want to know that their expenses will be more than covered by the bankruptcy sale or perfecting the judgement awarded in their favour.

So how do investigators at Zero Foundation Africa identify attachable assets?

  • Firstly, we conduct a general profile of the subject to determine what we need to look for: cash, investments, property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, paintings and other high value investments. Whether offshore or domestic, the process is the same.
  • Secondly, we use small teams of researchers, surveillance experts and Investigators to supplement each other’s activities by rigorously following the Intelligence Cycle.

This cycle of collecting, collating and disseminating information prompts fact-based analysis which leads to actionable intelligence.

By confirming that the subject has related business interests, travels to specific offshore jurisdictions, uses certain banks, is the beneficial owner of vehicles and regularly liaises with identified investment advisors, we determine where such assets are located.

  • Thirdly, physical and technical surveillance in support of the legal investigations provides lawyers with the evidence they need to prepare court papers.

Whether you need to locate monetary assets to settle a debt or cyber evidence to search and seize computer equipment, our asset tracing services for lawyers can assist.