Money Laundering in Africa

Do you know whether your business partners in Africa are using your company to launder money?

money-launderingRecent experience in Africa has shown that companies are being used by terrorist groups to assist them with laundering the proceeds of their crimes. Although the proceeds of crime can be succesfully laundered without the assistance of the financial sector,the reality is that billions of dollars or criminally derived money is laundered through the financial institutions.

  • Do you provide financial services and products to companies or individuals in Africa?
  • Are you controlling, managing or holding money and property belonging to others?
  • Have your staff ever expressed suspicions about the companies or individuals with whom they are dealing?

At Zero Foundation Africa, we conduct anti-money laundering investigations to ensure that you deal with customers and individuals who operate within the law. We assist you with developing a robust and sustainable anti-money laundering compliance programme that will prevent criminals and terrorists from generating income through their illegal actions.

Contact us for a confidential discussion to determine your risks in Africa. Instead of exposing your reputation and profits to anti-money laundering penalties, let us confirm the legitimacy of the companies with whom you conduct business.

Money Laundering in Africa