Protests in Africa countries: protect your travelling corporate employees

It is very important for employers to abide by law with regards to fulfilling their duty of care responsibilities to their employees. When travelling corporate employees are in Africa or other violence stricken countries, it is by law the employers’ duty to make sure that the employees are well protected.

In recent news, protests have been ongoing in Libya between rival militia groups at Tripoli International Airport. According to Hot Spot Security and Intelligence Report, “Tripoli air traffic controllers went on strike on 17 July 2014, bringing to a halt aviation operations in much of the country”.

In similar news, protests erupted in the coastal city of Lagos when thousands of people stormed the cargo terminal of Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

If you have employees that are airborne to any of these African countries mentioned above, you should have your duty of care responsibilities met. It is important to make sure that your employees make it to the airport and out of the airport safely. During protests a number of things can go wrong: your employees can be caught in the midst of disputes, they can be physically harmed or lost.

If travelling corporate employees are caught in the midst of protests, it is highly plausible that they may face the possibility of being kidnapped. As part of their duty of care responsibilities, employers should ensure that there is safe transport and security that will carry the employees from the airport to their hotel or accommodation.

At Zero Foundation we provide you with actionable intelligence and we can help you in fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities to your valued employees. Fill in our form and request information our duty of care services today.

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