Security and HR Managers should read this to reduce their guarding costs without compromising their security.

You can easily save R 1 million a year by following these simple steps.

The Security industry sells fear. The rising crime statistics worldwide fuel the consumers’ paranoia. Their fear is often justified. But, at what cost?

Too often, guarding company salespeople just sell guards. They do not provide cost-effective security solutions. Like property rent, the cost of a guard increases every year yet the guards’ capabilities do not.

Before you sign any new contract with a guarding company, save yourself over a R 1 million by following these six steps.
  • 1. Have an independent Security consultant (CPP certified) conduct a Site Security Survey. This survey will produce a Vulnerability Matrix.
  • 2. Discuss this Vulnerability Matrix to identify actual, rather than perceived, risks to your assets. This ensures that you prioritize your security budget according to loss prevention strategies.
  • 3. Recognize that security guards are not a standalone solution but part of your comprehensive asset protection plan. To assist you with knowing how many guards you actually need and should be paying for, analyze each security post using the ” necessary human being ” concept.
  • 4. Instruct the guarding company to draft Site Assignment Instructions or Post Orders for every location to which a guard will be deployed on site. Review these documents to ensure that they describe the security services and functions you want.
  • 5. Ban the use of mobile phones and televisions when guards are on duty. Both devices compromise situational awareness and distract from the security function. All communications must be by PTT radios via a manned Control Room.
  • 6. Delete the Clause 13 (typically) in the service agreement that indemnifies the guarding company from any losses or damages sustained by you as a result of their guards on site. All guarding companies have professional indemnity insurance cover. You are paying for them to protect your assets. If they fail, they must pay.

Should you want to save money, cut your guarding costs yet still have peace of mind, go to our Security Management services page.