Security management for company premises


In recent news, security guards are being fired from their security roles by companies who have just realized the ineffectiveness of the guards.

Most companies and organisations have a misconception that if anything gets lost in their premises, they should hire more guards.

In some instances, security guards are involved in the loss or theft of office belongings such as computers, office furniture or products. The most important property to be stolen from an office is the sensitive information that is in your office premises. The protection of proprietary information cannot be protected by security guards.

There are different methods used to steal information from your office premises such as bug devices or covert devices placed in your offices to extract your company information. For a comprehensive security check, a company needs to have a risk management or assessment physically done on its property in order to determine where they need to keep their eye on within the premises.

Risk analysis and physical security audits can save companies thousands of money from hiring security guards who barely recognize the real security problems in the company. Security management services can help your company to understand where the original problems of theft or security lie.

At Zero Foundation we offer a wide range of security management services from risk analysis to physical security audits. We can help you save a lot of money from hiring guards. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your security management issues. Fill out our form and request information on our Security Management services today.

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