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Security Management involves a philosophy and practical applications of techniques to protect your corporate assets from loss.

There are four corporate assets that require protection and these are:

  • Your physical property assets
  • Your personnel, contractors and visitors
  • Your information and intellectual property resources
  • Your business reputation as perceived by your stakeholders, shareholders and others

Security-managementGiven the sensitivities and unique characteristics of these four corporate assets, no generic Security Management strategy can be implemented to ensure the sustained integrity of your corporate assets from unethical business practices, employee misconduct, criminal action or accidental disclosure. Owing to the size and nature of the security industry globally, many self-acclaimed security practitioners call themselves consultants, but lack the generalist knowledge required to marry a security solution, cost-effectively, to the operating environment. Peddlers of guarding contracts sell guards as a Security Management solution; locksmiths sells barriers and keys; alarm engineers sell electronic systems and close protection companies sell bullet-catchers.

However, genuine and effective Security Management consultancy is based on two criteria:

The analysis of facts
The ability to distinguish between threats and risks
What distinguishes an effective Security Management consultant is his or her ability to think of a variety of threats to the Client’s operations (from the perspective of current, future and third party angles) and then prioritise the likelihood of occurrence and the criticality caused by the incident. By assessing these two elements (likelihood and consequence) and prioritising them on a vulnerability matrix, a clearer picture of the risks faced by your Client’s organisation becomes apparent. By understanding the actual rather than perceived, risks to your Client’s business, a Security Management strategy can be developed and implemented on a step-by-step basis.
In this way, the Client is able to enjoy a risk posture that will be elevated when the risks are high and reduced when the risks are low. By adopting this methodology, Clients will benefit from a comprehensive Security Management plan that is tailored to their specific environment and not the sales target of security service providers.

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