Security Consultancy

Zero Foundation Africa has a unique approach to security consultancy.  Firstly, we develop a threat history to identify common risks such as accidents in the workplace, fires, floods and other legal risks such as fraud, theft and sexual harassment lawsuits. Also, we identify other risks that relate to your business practices eg: security and storage of data; uncertainty in financial markets; failures in projects; and failure to understand cultural differences in emerging markets.

Secondly, based on an analysis of the facts, we design a vulnerability matrix to highlight the actual rather than perceived threats to your company or its operations.

Thirdly, we marry cost-effective solutions, unobtrusively, to your operating environment.

Our experienced security consultants are CPP certified or have security experience of a variety of industries in Africa.

Contact us for a confidential review of your security concerns and let us secure your corporate assets in an effective and professional manner.