spyvsspyRecent experience in Africa has indicated that audio surveillance equipment is being purchased by Law Enforcement, Anti-Corruption Commissions and Security Agencies for intelligence gathering and long term surveillance operations. Yet, such equipment is often used incorrectly or without the proper training.

Although there is a market to ensure that prospective Clients select the right equipment for the job and that their operators are properly trained, the reality is that companies do not really understand the technical threat to themselves nor suitable countermeasures.

At Zero Foundation Africa (Pty) Ltd, we conduct surveillance operations in the legal support of corporate investigations. In many instances, in conjunction with legal counsel, our specialist knowledge is required to plan and implement a full surveillance operation. Whether the target of such an investigation is an international fraudster, financier of terrorism or counterfeit drug king, we use technical equipment and field operatives, either mobile or on foot, and operating from selected observation posts at a variety of locations. Using various methods of communication, the surveillance team conducts its intelligence gathering operation in a discreet and professional manner. Afterwards, once the intelligence has been collated and the members of the Client’s legal counsel briefed, the legal process takes its course.

Although such surveillance operations are well planned and executed, the past few years have witnessed an increase in surveillance sensitivity by the targets of such investigations. Close protection teams drive their principals at high speed and often brakes local traffic laws to discourage local mobile surveillance. Targets also use counter-surveillance equipment at meetings, in their vehicles and in hotel rooms to limit the effectiveness of clandestine listening devices.

As quality surveillance equipment is developed, targets acquire equally sophisticated electronic countermeasures in an ongoing battle to protect their privacy and intentions.
How aware are you of the threat to your communications? If you are concerned, or have the remotest suspicion that company information has been leaked to a third party, contact us for a technical solution to this common problem.

Technical Surveillance Services
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