Sometimes, business disputes arise because one party claims to have sufficient funds to satisfy the requirements of another. A franchisee often needs funds to acquire a franchise. An investor in a proposed scheme needs sufficient funds to participate in the scheme. A business partner requires funding to ensure that they make a positive contribution to the financial well-being of such a partnership.


Man Of Straw

In legal terms, a man of straw is best defined as a person who wishes to undertake a financial commitment without adequate means. In other words, a front man who cannot be relied on to honour their financial commitments, especially because of limited resources.

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Fraud in South Africa is active in many different businesses and industries. There have been countless reports from people in the general public and business partners that have been tricked into unforeseen scams across the country.

According to the South African crime website Report a, there are numerous entries every day from people and organisations reporting fraudulent crimes or kindly warning other people of criminals.

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