Technical services counter-measures (TSCM) in Africa


Here is why Technical services counter-measures (TSCM) are crucially important for government officials and business companies.

The official political opposition party has not given up on returning to court to fight the battle to reverse former national director of public prosecutors’ decision to drop the criminal charges against President Jacob Zuma’s 2009 fraud and corruption charges. The NPA head Mokotedi Mpshe announced at a conference that they will be dropping the criminal charges again Jacob Zuma. How can technical services counter-measures help government officials from preventing leakage of information?

In 2014 Jacob Zuma’s lawyers came out to say that the “spy tapes” should remain secret because “they’re a bit like a photograph that shows a supposedly dead person still alive and well in Paris”. The lawyers continue to stress their arguments by stating that the tapes are the evidence at the centre of confidential representation Zuma made to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).
The importance of technical services counter-measures (TSCM) within a company

Information security is an essential necessity for high government officials, especially those associated with high confidential operations. It is easy for people to get unauthorised access to your company information and proprietary, therefore it is best advised to have your office premises inspected by using state of the art technical services counter-measures. Information may be stole in different ways including:

•  Electronically – information that passes through the internet such as emails.
•  Telephonically – office telephones may be bugged to extract information during private conversations.
•  Hard copy of documents physically stolen from your office premises
•  Covert camera placed in your office premises
•  Audio bugs placed in the boardroom

At Zero Foundation Africa we provide technical services counter-measures (TSCM) that can help you and your business from preventing any threats to your company information. Check out our Technical services counter-measures page.

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