Zero Foundation Africa provides professional and cost-effective solutions for surveillance, counter-surveillance and RF Jamming either inside or outside the target environment.

Our electronic counter-surveillance equipment can uncover potential security breaches without alerting the covert surveillance operators. Using state-of-the-art TSCM sweep equipment, we identify previously unknown security weaknesses through body worn, portable or static detectors.

Using an impressive range of RF audio and HD video surveillance products for use in most surveillance conditions, including hostile environments, we gather evidence that can be used in court or for strategic purposes.

Our intelligent and adaptive jamming solutions, either handheld or portable, have been developed to prevent radio frequency surveillance and tactical information leaks from mobile telephones.

We also provide technical equipment or services with a complete backup package of training, support, maintenance and a quality policy that follows international standards. All work conducted is meticulously documented and provides clients with recommendations and practical solutions whilst maintaining the strictest confidentiality at all times.

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