The 4 types of intelligence attorneys must have

The Bible and all classical works on strategy agree that information is power. How can you use information to win more cases?

Wherever your case stands in the litigation life cycle, you often need to approach your Client’s problem from an angle that no-one else has considered. This involves lateral thinking, which is a key element of good intelligence. Such intelligence is crucial to your litigation strategy, especially if you receive intelligence that is both timely and germane to your case.

Sometimes you need to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

  • What worldwide assets does the Defendant own?
  • Who is the "deep pocket" who can pay an out of Court settlement?
  • Where did the expert witness get their expertise?
  • Why did an Arbitrator make an unreasonable ruling on a matter?

The answers to these and other questions can all be found out by discreet intelligence gathering.

How do you gather such intelligence in a timely and cost-effective manner?

At Zero Foundation Africa, we offer four legal intelligence gathering solutions

  • Human Intelligence ( HUMINT)

    This information is gathered from informed contacts, well placed sources, Regulatory bodies, journalists, witnesses, former employees and competitors.

  • Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

    This information is gathered from drones and aerial resources such as light aircraft and microlights. These resources provide a different perspective and a depth of understanding that ground based surveillance cannot.

  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

    This information is gathered from technical surveillance devices that can capture evidence in either audio or visual format. Used in support of legal Investigations, certain devices can penetrate walls to capture imagery, be hidden in everyday objects to record activities or embedded in digital devices to monitor communications.

  • Social Media Intelligence ( SMINT)

    This information is gathered from open sources, social media platforms and related applications to understand more about individuals. Much of this information can be legitimately used to profile defendants, locate witnesses and determine moral hazard amongst suspects. Such information is critical when conducting Lifestyle Audits.

Let us help you use any one of, or a combination of, all four types of intelligence to secure a successful outcome to your cases.

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