Travel security for valued employees


Travel security management can be complicated if one is not entirely prepared and equipped while doing business in Africa. There are a number of procedures and risks to be considered by companies in order for them fulfil their duty of care obligations to their employees.

More than two-thirds of travel managers that participated in a travel manager survey said that they are dissatisfied with the way that companies address the impact of business travel on their employees. They participating travel managers told Business Travel News that, “frequent business travel has a positive impact on travellers’ personal health”, indicating that this affects the employees’ willingness to stay with their company or firm.

Travel security is a security management obligation that each company has to fulfil for every one of its traveling employees. These obligations include, but are not limited to: safety of the employees while on route to the destination and for the entire time they are away, insurance, assistance within the country that they are travelling to and constant monitoring of the employee while on business. Likewise, the company should also supply safe hotel and car rental services and ensure that bio-files are conducted for the parties travelling abroad beforehand.

At Zero Foundation we provide comprehensive security management services that ensure that your employees’ travel security needs are fulfilled. We distinctively offer Hostile Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T) which is the ultimate survival training that includes kidnap mitigation courses that can be extremely useful while travelling to Africa. This survival training will help employers to empower their staff with the self-resilience needed when operating outside their comfort zones.

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Travel Risk Management
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