Uncover potential security breaches within your organisation


Recent evidence has demonstrated that law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Africa have used technical surveillance to monitor the activities and communications of persons of interests.
Whether you are the target or a law enforcement investigation or the suspect in a corruption and money laundering operation, the probability is very high that certain agencies are utilising technical means to gather the intelligence they want, with or without a warrant.

By using our equipment, you can uncover potential security breaches within your organisation without alerting the covert surveillance operations.  State-of-the-art TSCM equipment will help you identify previously unknown security weaknesses using body-worn portable or static detectors.

We provide technical assistance to enable you to maximise the effectiveness of the latest technological developments in the security marketplace.  You can use our specialised equipment both to counter the threat of electronic eavesdropping and in lawful support of your own in-house corporate investigations.

Technical Surveillance Services
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