Vulnerability Management Training

Operating in Africa, your corporate assets are always at risk


Zero Foundation Africa offers specific vulnerability management courses to teach your local staff and expatriates as to how to identify a range of risks to your business operations in Africa.

Using a vulnerability matrix, risk and threat analysis and other tools, you will learn how to identify the real, rather than perceived, threats to your organisation.  You will understand how local criminals operate, what to do about police corruption, which manpower resources to use and what security equipment works in Africa and what does not.

By attending our specialist courses in Cape Town, South Africa, you will appreciate the local operating environment and how doing business in Africa is not the same as in other parts of the world. Increase your company’s appetite for risk whilst sustaining greater profits.

Whatever the nature of your business, you will be vulnerable to:

  • Theft of your stock and product in the supply chain.
  • Armed Robbery at your premises during business hours.
  • Kidnapping of expatriate staff for ransom and negotiation .
  • Unscrupulous competitors who will attempt to siphon off your profits and damage your reputation.

Zero Foundation Africa is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and our instructors have a wealth of local business experience to share with you what you need to know as a Security Director or Managing Director responsible for protecting the business and  your corporate assets in Africa.

Take advantage of our experience of providing insight and Vulnerability Management consultancy services to a variety of African businesses involved in the financial, telecommunications, asset management, hospitality and healthcare sectors.  If you want to ensure that your cash, goods and services are properly protected by yourselves, and with input from us, then take this opportunity of providing your staff with the security orientation they need.  Doing business in Africa is not easy.  The profits might be high but so are the risks.  Learn from the professionals who have business experience in all 55 African countries and can share with you their knowledge and experience of protecting physical, human, intellectual and reputational assets on the African continent.

For an affordable fee of $500 per person, per day (for two or four day executive programmes), we will prepare you to develop a threat profile and allocate your best local resources in a cost effective manner.

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Vulnerability Management Training